Atmosfere letterarie - Friuli Venezia Giulia

A crowd of intellectuals, poets and writers were born or elected this region as their residence, and translated its soul into thoughts and words. Literature lovers and bookworms will be charmed by these guided literary tours, capable of offering an emotional experience into the territory. Follow our guide to stamp on the steps of these people of genius and hear their voice echo from the past through readings and tales.

Trieste, the paper city

A guided walking tour into Trieste will take you to the spots where world-famous authors of the past lived and got inspired. Thanks to the reading of some poems or extracts, you’ll enjoy an open-air ballet of words. The mysterious atmosphere and multifaceted cultural background of Trieste contributed to making it an ideal source of inspiration for men of letters, and to the development of border literature, psychological novels and poetry. This literary tour will tell you about the life and works of Stendhal, Richard BurtonJames Joyce, Italo Svevo, Umberto Saba, Claudio Magris, to name only a few.

Pier Paolo Pasolini

The most eclectic of the children of this land, Pier Paolo Pasolini had first-hand experience of the contradictory soul of Friuli. Follow our guide in this literary tour to recall his roots in Casarsa della Delizia, his mother’s home town where he lived as a child and teenager, plunged in an archaic world of peasants and sweet landscapes. You will visit the Centro Studi Pasolini accommodated in his mother’s house, the close village of Versutta and its beautiful church, and the local cemetery, where he was buried next to his beloved mother Susanna. Life started and ended here for Pasolini.

Ippolito Nievo

This guided literary tour is linked to the memories of the epitome of Italian Risorgimento and Romanticism. The author of The Castle of Fratta, Ippolito Nievo had its family roots in this region. This guided itinerary will offer you a dip into the atmosphere of his most famous novel, to the very core of Friuli, from Sesto al Reghena with its beautiful abbey, to Cordovado with a charming complex of mills, to the literary echoes linked to Venchiaredo fountain, and to a land of sweet plains and peaceful tingling waters. Can you think of a better way to pay a tribute to Nievo’s romanticism?

Giuseppe Ungaretti

The best known Italian war poet and father of Hermeticism, Giuseppe Ungaretti started to write poetry during his years in the trenches, dating each poem as if it were to be his last. Our itinerary ideally starts in San Martino del Carso and Monte San Michele, the titles of two poems of his, to learn through his words about the harsh life of the soldiers in war trenches. Ungaretti used poetry as the only way out of this rocky hell. The tour continues in Sagrado to visit the Parco Ungaretti, a beautiful garden disseminated with stones engraved with his words.