Gorizia - ponte sull'Isonzo

A guided visit to Gorizia will soon take you to the time when it used to be called “The Nice of Austria” for its mild climate and lush greenery, as life here runs at a peaceful pace. The oldest centre in Borgo Castello is custodian to a beautiful castle and medieval architectures, now housing the collections of the Musei Provinciali and Museo della Grande Guerra. A stroll in the modern town will reveal a host of beautiful residences and churches, like Palazzo Lantieri, Palazzo Strassoldo, Chiesa di Sant’Ignazio, Palazzo Attems-Petzenstein. A stop to nearby Piazza Transalpina will teach you the lessons of recent history, when Gorizia was halved by a wall, a reminder of the iron curtain that used to split Western and Eastern Europe. Now the wind of United Europe has blown the wall away and turned the square into a peace symbol.

The Great War

In Gorizia and Trieste, then a part of the Habsburg Empire, the First World War started earlier than in the rest of Italy. This territory crossed by the Isonzo River became the bloodiest battlefield for Austrian and Italian troops between 1915 and 1917. A hundred years later, our guides will take you back to the Great War by visiting the trenches and military facilities left behind in this territory, including Monte San Michele, Monte Sei Busi, Dolina dei Bersaglieri and San Martino del Carso. A stop in Redipuglia to visit the great Memorial and the Military Museum will be a touching experience into the harsh life of the poor soldiers.


Grado - Santa Eufemia

This beautiful island stretching between the lagoon and the sea, a few kilometers away from Aquileia, is renowned for its golden beaches and the therapeutic properties of its spas. Our guide will lead you into the old town, through its peculiar narrow streets, to visit two amazing early Christian churches decorated with ancient mosaics: Basilica di Santa Maria delle Grazie and Basilica di Santa Eufemia. Your stroll will ideally end on a beautiful seaside, Lungomare Nazario Sauro, where you’ll get a view over the whole Adriatic Sea and the Karst in a single glance. In less than half an hour, a boat trip will take you to the Isle of Barbana, a haven of peace and meditation. The island houses a sanctuary dedicated to Saint Mary built in the middle of a woodland, where you can get a real break from daily routine.