Nested between the Adriatic Sea and the Karst hills, Trieste offers a charming view of the landscape and takes a Mitteleuropean allure as you walk around the city centre and into a host of museums housed in beautiful residences. Follow our guided visit in Palazzo Revoltella to plunge into pastime luxury and understand the importance of the city in the late 19th century. You’ll be overwhelmed by the rich collections of art works beautifully arranged in the Museo Sartorio. Learn the history of this stretch of Italy from Roman times to the aftermath of WW2 and discover the marks left behind by the different people who lived here and created an unusual multicultural blend.

Visit of Miramare Castle

The love nest of Maximilian of Habsburg and his wife Charlotte, this fairy residence enjoys a stunning position on a rocky promontory jutting out onto the sea. Don’t miss a walk in and around the castle and into the beautiful park as your guide tells you the full story of how the castle was erected and decorated and of the doomed destiny of Maximilian.

Visit of Duino Castle

A few kilometres away down the coastline, another beautiful castle overlooks the gulf of Trieste. A visit to Duino castle will take you in a time travel as your guide leads you into its beautiful halls and its park. A property of the Princes Della Torre e Tasso, the castle still echoes the steps of the illustrious guests who visited the place, Johann Strauss, Franz Liszt, Rainer Maria Rilke, and is still haunted by a ghost. Ask our guide for the full story!
Duino - Rocca - Sentiero Rilke


Visit Muggia and you’ll get a taste of Venice! The town centre keeps the memory of its past ruler, when the Republic of Venice held its grip on the Adriatic coastline. Our guide will take you up and down narrow streets and small squares to enjoy beautiful views over the sea and nice monuments, including an amazing Gothic Cathedral and a Castle. Although the place speaks about Venice everywhere, its origins date back to Roman times, witnessed by a fortified village and the ruins of a late medieval church.

The Karst

History, nature, wine and food: you’ll get it all with a visit to the Karst hills overlooking Trieste. You will visit the amazing Giant Cave, a huge chamber carved by water into hard rock; make a peaceful walk along Rilke’s trail to discover different karstic phenomena and the local flora and fauna; get a guided tour to the Rocca di Monrupino to learn about prehistoric villages and typical stone houses. Don’t forget to stop for a refreshing break in a typical osmiza to taste the local produce and sip the beautiful wines man is able to make out of this harsh rocky soil.
Vino Terrano - Carso - Trieste