Tiepolo - UdineLying at the heart of Friuli, Udine is a charming town where you can get the real taste of simple life. Our guide will lead you to discover the highlights of the town, including a Castle and a beautiful Romanesque church on top of the hill, the Venetian-styled Piazza Libertà and Piazza San Giacomo and the beautiful palaces of the city centre. You will feel like being in Venice at a smaller scale. Not by chance, Udine is called “the city of Tiepolo”! Our guided visit to the Cathedral, to the Oratorio della Purità and to the Palazzo Patriarcale will offer you an exciting live experience of Giambattista Tiepolo’s works.


Once a Roman metropolis, Aquileia now whispers the story of its glorious past to your ears. Take a rest, far from the madding crowd, and get a full immersion into Roman ruins and vestiges to revive the glory of Roman Empire. The forum, the river port, the mosaic-floored villas are all there for you to learn about a rich city lying buried below the ground. For a full Roman experience, ask your guide to visit the Archeological Museum, an amazingly comprehensive collection of exhibits of all sorts. And more has yet to be enjoyed! Take a full breath before you get into the Basilica as you will certainly gasp before the large mosaic floor dating from the Roman times. Our guide will help you out a maze of images and layers of stone to let you fully understand the huge importance of this early Christian church.

Cividale del Friuli

A few kilometres away from the border with Slovenia, this small town can offer history, arts and beautiful landscape at arm’s length. Our guide will help you discover the treasures of this former Longobard dukedom: the Archeological Museum, the Cathedral and Christian Museum, the Monastery of Santa Maria in Valle and the Tempietto Longobardo. You will be stunned at how a rich heritage can be packed into such a small town. Get a full taste of the place by strolling around medieval streets and past ancient palaces to reach the amazing Ponte del Diavolo, a bridge suspended over a deep gorge carved by the Natisone river. Please, be sure you don’t leave before tasting the local food and beautiful wines!

A land of castles

Castello di Strassoldo - Udine

A large portion of the historic heritage of Friuli Venezia Giulia is represented by fortified works, including abbeys, dungeons, citadels, strongholds, manors and even whole walled villages. Today, they remain as witnesses of a huge number of castles once disseminated in this hilly territory to keep people safe from invaders. They remain to tell you about old traditions, legends, battles and love stories. You will be spoiled for choice among the castles of Strassoldo, Cassacco, Arcano, Villalta, Rosazzo, to name only a few. Get a full immersion into the Middle Ages and feel like a knight or a lady of rank!